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A Fun & Easy Dinner Idea For The Family This recipe is so simple even the kids can make it! It only requires 3 basic ingredients plus the toppings of your choice. If you like pizza, how can you go wrong with a garlic toast crust? These mini pizzas are popular at my house on […]


  1. Posted by proutolivia2522, — Reply

    What U could also do which I have made a thousand time and will prob taste better is use a bisket instead. Rub it out like a regular pizza maker would pre heat oven to 375 for 10 mins but check it every now and then! It’s sooo good!!

  2. Posted by Maggie_0, — Reply

    Hi, I do know that that self promotion it annoying, I’m sorry. I have worked really hard on my boards. So if you could go take a look at my boards it would make my day! 😊

  3. Posted by bexhumphreys, — Reply

    Delicious - ate it too quickly to take a picture

  4. Posted by samax_2, — Reply

    Do we use the oven..?

  5. Posted by GlamGoddessss, — Reply

    Has anyone tried this? Is it salty?

  6. Posted by StayGoodFeelGood, — Reply

    These are amazing πŸ˜‹

  7. Posted by lancemhorne, — Reply

    I have not tried it but it looks so good!!!!!!

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