Brown Skin Girl Tribute: 50 Brown Skin Girls you NEED to Follow with Natural Hairstyles


Brown Skin Girl Tribute to shout out 50 of our favorite influencers, models and girl bosses on Instagram who have gorgeous deep brown skin AND slay natural hairstyles! These girls can rock curly hair, huge afros, and mini afro puffs. Plus they are giving us major hair inspo with their protective styles like twists, locs and braids!


  1. Posted by lizzyforlife747, — Reply

    Everything about this is so perfect, the afro, the hoops, the glasses I can honestly not express how perfect this is😍

  2. Posted by s6trn, — Reply

    Wow I’ve never had my fro that perfect

  3. Posted by drawingqueen321, — Reply

    That hair is just😩🥺

  4. Posted by Shiloh_Rhodes, — Reply

    Is a perfect circle

  5. Posted by GlossyBxbe, — Reply

    My afro could never

  6. Posted by zieannaagbi0, — Reply

    My afro is jealous

  7. Posted by hanasgado, — Reply

    hey! wanna see more pics like this to draw? check my reference board! <3

  8. Posted by bmccray637, — Reply

    how did she get it so round??? Mine is never like that

  9. Posted by kkooollaaiidd, — Reply

    That's like the most perfectly rounded blown out afro I've even seen.

  10. Posted by Kulunga_X, — Reply

    my afro can't even begin to compete

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