Every danm time


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  1. Posted by joshuarentsch, — Reply

    Do you want to tell me that there are people who completly cover their body with their blanket while sleeping? Cant be. Its way too hot and you couldnt breathe fine

  2. Posted by fislaperil, — Reply

    Mmm? The only time I did that was when I could FIT under the blanket😓, I'm too tall now😓 I'm just over '5feet tall, does anyone think that's rather a bit tall for a girl?

  3. Posted by LadyDee10, — Reply

    Omg how do people know my life?!

  4. Posted by xhuanidas, — Reply

    Everytime it's hot I put one leg out of the blanket

  5. Posted by nic0le_senpaii, — Reply

    Everyone can relate to this no matter how old you are

  6. Posted by salomebulashviliem, — Reply

    That is so me!LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  7. Posted by annabethscottglassock, — Reply

    Omg soo true

  8. Posted by BubbyWoodz, — Reply

    Happens every Time

  9. Posted by ItsMarvelBish, — Reply

    All the time

  10. Posted by tiavaish, — Reply

    Its true

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